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Department of Administration
Miss Tuanjai Songsook
Head of the secretary office

Position General Administration Officer  
E-mail ifrtjs@ku.ac.th  
Tel 02-942-8629-35 (1207)  

Miss Pongsri Lomkate
Personal supervisor

Position Personnel Officer  
E-mail ifrpsl@ku.ac.th  
Tel 02-942-8629-35 (1229)  

Mrs.Savitree Suphaparphon
Administrative Officer

Position General Administration Officer  
E-mail ifrstn@ku.ac.th  
Tel 02-942-8629-35 (1214)  

Mrs.Nongluk Pothong
Finance and Accounting Supervisor

Position Finance and Accounting Technical Officer  
E-mail ifrnlp@ku.ac.th  
Tel 02-942-8629-35 (1213)  

Ms.Patsarat Yodsurang
Supply Technical Officer

Position Supply Technical Officer  
E-mail ifrpry@ku.ac.th  
Tel 02-942-8629-35 (1210)  

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