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Ready-to-eat breakfast cereal is an ideal food for people’s modern-day lifestyle, where speed and convenience, as well as complete nutritional values, are desirable food characteristics. Due to efforts to reduce the amount of in-home preparation time, breakfast cereal technology has evolved from the simple procedure of milling grains for cereal products that require cooking to the manufacturing of highly sophisticated ready-to-eat products that are convenient and quickly prepared.
Nowadays, extrusion cooking technology is still recommended for the commercial applications of ready-to-eat breakfast cereal manufacturing, and remains one of the most widespread. This research is focused on creating a more nutritionally valuable and acceptable breakfast cereal product with functional benefits from vegetables.

The selected vegetables are purple sweet potato, red cabbage and beetroot, whose attractive red and purple colors indicate the presence of anthocyanins, polyphenols and antioxidants, which provide health benefits. Finally, mixed vegetable powders – composed of purple sweet potato, red cabbage and beetroot at a 2:1:1 ratio – were incorporated with cereal base by an extrusion process to obtain a functional, ready-to-eat breakfast cereal.

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