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khoo-tu Express    
Thailand is one of the world's biggest rice producers, and exporter. Rice plants are really related to the ways of life of Thai people. 28% of rice production are exported in term of wholegrain rice and rice production. Research and development of rice products is necessary to value added of rice and to strengthen the local farmers ‘s economy over the country. Thai cuisine is considered among the world's most delicious, with a unique blend of hot, sour and sweet tastes. The country's famously fragrant rice is always an essential accompaniment.
Khaotu concept
Khaotu, a previous Thai dessert made from the rest of daily cooked rice, processed by sun dried and roasted to a golden crisp then sift the flour and mixed with palm sugar, coconut milk, coconut meat shredded and salt. Stir on fire until the admixture is thick, lift off the heat. Then, divided heated admixtures into a small pieces and put into a mold, pressed, then take it out from mold and can eat it directly. Actually, the previous process of Khaotu making quite complicated and take time, which is not suitable for today's lifestyle of Thai people.
Khaotu Express
It is a new style semi – finished Thai dessert product, which developed from local wisdom to reduce the cooking time and more convenient for the new generation consumer. This product was granted by Office of the National Research Council of Thailand.
Product development.
Semi-finished Khaotu express product packaged in sealed foil pack of 2 (160 g. / 2 pack for making  25 pieces of khoatu), and packed in a plastic box that can be put into the microwave. With mold and hot water level to stick on the box together with the cooking method  for the convenience of the consumer. The cooking method can do within 10 minutes by the following steps :
  1. add 100 ml.of hot water into the plastic box.
  2. pour 2 foil packs of khaotu – admixture into the box and mixed it thoroughly.
  3. cooked it  in the microwave for 3 minutes without lid.
  4. take the box out of the microwave, Leave it to cool slightly. Divided the heated admixture into 25 pieces, put it into the Khaotu - mold and pressed firmly, then knocked it out of the mold. It can eat directly or put in sealed containers for a candle smoked for 1 hour.

Nutritional quality
(chemical composition of Khaotu Express: g / 100 g).
Energy 475.60 Kcal.  
Moisture 2.30 g.  
Protein 4.90 g.  
Fat 19.20 g.  
Carbohydrate 70.80 g.  
Fiber 1.70 g.  
Ash 1.10 g.  
Aw of Khaotu Express = 0.276 at 25๐ C (Novasina)  
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