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Technical Services
Food Quality Assurance Services Center (FQA)
FQA analytical laboratory operates under ISO/IEC17025. FQA is facilitated with efficient analytical instruments and an experience advisor to assist clients improving product quality. The available food testing services are chemical, physical, microbiological analysis of food and agricultural products, nutrition labeling for Thai, US, or Australia Food and Drug Administration. IFRPD is certified to issue Health Certificate and authorized by the Thai Food and Drug Administration to be testing laboratory for food registration and nutrition labeling and by the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards to be testing laboratory for agricultural commodities and food.
Technology Transfer and Industrial Development Center
IFRPD food researchers can assist food manufacturers in developing products, predicting shelf-life, optimizing food processes and setting quality systems (GMP, HACCP). The pilot plant of IFRPD facilitates food researchers to scale up successful laboratory experiments and food manufacturers to do small-scale production for market tests or trials before investment. We provide over 20 training courses on food processing and product development on the regular basis each year. Tailor-made training can also be organized to meet the need of domestic and Asian regions.

Pilot Plant
For manufacturers, IFRPD provides thermal process determination and processing services at pilot scale level for feasibility and/ or marketing studies, and as well design and provision of pilot plant equipment and facilities. Services are delivered to pilot plants on; processing line for canning and extrusion cooking, making machine for cookies and noodles, wine and fruit juice equipment, drying equipment, spray retort, and etc.
Academic Services
Educational Support
To arrange researcher mentoring/practical and visit programs for undergraduate and graduate students from various public and private universitiesTo serve as lecturer for specific topics and thesis advisors.

Food Information Cente
We provided information in the field of food products, post- harvest technology, food science & technology, and the food industry. Our documents are monographs, articles from magazines and periodicals, thesis and dissertations, research reports, symposiums, and conference proceedings both in Thai and English language. A computerized database and searching of food information in particular subject areas can be requested.
General Services
Food Cafeteria and Catering Services
Food cafeteria and catering services are provided for faculties and institutes inside Kasetsart University.

Meeting Room
Meeting room are provided for meeting, tranning, seminar with food catering services.

There are Visitors