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Plaa-som Nugget

Latest innovative products from the IFRPD: co-innovation project. “Combine team” from department of Applied Microbiology were created and research an innovation product using a selected starter culture of Thai fermented fish (plaa-som) to shorten the fermentation time and to reduce the risk of fermentation failure, thus resulting in a high degree of control over the fermentation process and standardization of the end-product. Today, the production of plaa-som on a large-scale has become an important branch of the fermented food industry in Thailand. Thus, the development of an effective starter culture for use in plaa-som production could help improve (more reliable and predictable) the fermentation process. Moreover, our team continues to enhance traditional Thai fermented fish (plaa-som) by product development to create a new product “Plaa-som Nugget” using plaa-som as a main raw material.
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