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Research Activities    
     IFRPD devotes to improve and develop Thai food industries over 40 years. Our knowledge in food science and technology, food microbiology and nutrition has been distributed to food related professions and enable food products, manufacturers and farmers to enhance their business potential.
     Five main research areas; process technology, microbiology, analytical chemistry, nutrition and functional food, equip IFRPD to provide solutions for Thai food industry and build well-being.
  Processing Technology
  IFRPD establishes technologies to produce quality foods and transfers knowledge of modern technologies on thermal process, drying and extrusion to food manufacturers. To increase quality of food products, IFRPD aims toward advance technology by facilitating unit operations on freezing, aseptic process, super heated steam and high pressure sterilization.
  Food Analytical Chemistry
  Research team investigates physical and chemical phenomenon of rice flour for better quality noodle and applies rice starch for flavor encapsulation. Development of GABA rice from Thai rice is successfully achieved. This group has a number of analytical facilities to identify flavor, plant substrates and analyze texture, such as gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC-MS), gas chromatography in combination with olfactory(GCO), high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC) with diode array, texture analyzer, rapid visco analyzer(RVA), differential scanning calorimeter(DSC) and laser particle size analyzer.
  Applied Microbiology
  Our team has undertaken many studies on microbial food safety and development of technology for traditional fermented foods. We have applied biotechnology for selection of lactic and bacteria by molecular technique to utilize these organisms in making pure starter and bioactive substances production such as bacteriocin and GABA, And we are taking a step closer to understand metabolic of lactic acid bacteria for improving fermented products both on probiotic functionalities and safety qualities.
Knowledge on evaluating nutrition by rat bioassay protein efficiency ratio(PER), net protein utilization(NPU), biological value(BV) and digestibility, is well established, Research works on mineral absorption, development foods for reducing risk of nutritional related diseases and health promoting foods for various age groups are anticipated to accomplish in IFRPD.
Functional Food    
The principal aim is to study physiological functions and discover bioactive compounds of natural resources of Thailand, local vegetables, fruits and foods, for human health. We are focusing on antioxidant activity and cancer prevention.

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